choral conductor ~ ~ ADEI nonprofit and arts leader  ~ voice teacher ~ singer ~ lecturer

Rebecca Seeman, CV

ADEI nonprofit and arts leadership

I hold a Masters of Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco (Completion: Aug 2021) with a focus on ADEI in Performing Arts Organizations. As the Artistic Director of Sacred and Profane Chamber Chorus and as a member of the faculty in USF's Performing Arts and Social Justice Department, I have dedicated my professional life to advocating for justice and equity in the arts through innovative programming, through strategic governance and board work, and through membership, audience, and community engagement.  

I am a committed manager with an ability to both lead and delegate and to help others realize their professional goals and to facilitate effective teams. Together, we build organizations that work to create communities of belonging that nurture Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

My MNA capstone: ADEI Performing Arts Organizations (2021, focus on the choral sector) includes qualitative data in the form of six expert interviews, quantitative data in the form of a national survey, and a detailed literature review. You can read the capstone and other samples of professional here: Rebecca Seeman ADEI Work

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