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Voice Studio

Each voice is entirely unique, it is a person's creative fingerprint. I work with singers to identify their personal voice in the courageous work of learning to sing. I teach a physically grounded technique in order to cultivate healthy, effortless singing that is authentic to the style or genre of the work. I incorporate elements of Estill Voice Training in my work, along with focus on support and resonance.

I teach voice at the University of San Francisco and privately in San Leandro.

I work primarily in the Western art music (classical) style, focusing on art song and operatic repertoire. However, my own musical tastes are highly eclectic, and I work regularly with musical theater, folk music, and popular styles.

I primarily work with young adult singers, but I am available to work with children and older singers as well. Singers are encouraged to be able to read music or to be interested in learning to read as part of their vocal study, which will include some basic piano and theory instruction. I am interested in cultivating the complete singer, both vocalist and musician. Students are required to have access to a practice space with a keyboard or piano.

Students generally take one lesson per week for one hour. Younger students may want to consider 30 or 45 minute lessons.

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