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Studio Policy

Payment policy for private students

Payments for all lessons in a given month are accepted at the beginning of that month.

Policy for USF students

USF voice students must enroll in Music 120-01. Students must take a minimum of 12 lessons and a maximum of 15 lessons per semester to receive a passing grade. It is your responsibility to maintain proper attendance in order to receive a passing grade. No-shows will not be made up, but they count toward your minimum lesson requirement. Repeated no-shows will be reported to the Fine and Performing Arts Department Music Division.

Cancellation policies

1. Student cancellation policy: 24-hour advance cancellation is required, except in cases of illness or family crisis (24-hour cancellation is appreciated in these situations as well). Lessons that are canceled with these criteria (illness, family crisis, or 24 hours in advance) can be made up within a period of one month after the date of the canceled lesson. After one month I am no longer required to make up that lesson time. Exceptions will be made in cases of extended illness. I will try to make up lessons that are not canceled with the above criteria, but I am not required and may not be able to do so. Full payment is required on the first lesson of each month regardless of the previous month's cancellation(s), if any.

2. Teacher cancellation policy: If I need to cancel, that lesson time will be made-up at the student's nearest convenience. The student does not need to make up the lesson within the one-month period assigned to a student cancellation.

Sheet music copying policy

1. Sheet music that is given for repertoire purposes must be photocopied and returned at the following lesson. If more than two weeks pass before a book is returned, I am entitled to charge the student for the current retail value of that book.

2. Students may occasionally be asked to purchase their own sheet music.

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